Orchard Park Priorities Plan


Throughout numerous discussions and meetings, the Orchard Park Project Advisory Committee identified a number of priorities for the housing project. To ensure that these priorities are properly addressed, the Orchard Park Request for Proposal (RFP) subcommittee created the Orchard Park Project Priorities Plan.

In this plan, each identified priority is assigned to the project stage that is most appropriate for addressing that priority. The three stages include the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP), interviews of potential project partners and ground lease negotiations. Space is left on the planning tool so that if a future priority or issues should arise, it can be assigned to a project stage or referred back to the Project Advisory Committee. The PAC members would then decide how to address the priority, with the option of referring it to other campus leaders. This process allows the committee to both move through the project stages as efficiently as possible, and to ensure that all priorities are addressed.

Download the Orchard Park Priorities Plan