Name Title
Adela de la Torre  Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Prasant Mohapatra Vice Provost of Graduate Education and Dean of Graduate Studies
Mary Hayakawa Executive Director, Real Estate Services
Emily Galindo Associate Vice Chancellor for Divisional and Auxiliary Services
Kellie Sims Butler Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies
Amanda Steidlmayer Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Clayton Halliday Assistant Vice Chancellor/Campus Architect
Mike Sheehan Director, Facilities Services
Mark Rutheiser Assistant Director, Real Estate Services
Christine McUmber Director, Capital and Space Planning
Bob Segar Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning and Community Resources
Bonnie Cairns Project Analyst, Real Estate Services
Grant Rockwell Assistant Vice Chancellor, Capital Planning and Real Estate
Lorin Fremgen Capital Project Analyst, Capital and Space Planning
Jamiella Brooks Graduate Student
Karlton Larson Graduate Student
Arik Davidyan Graduate Student
Brittany Derieg Graduate Student
Jonathan Favero Graduate Student