Orchard Park at UC Davis

Orchard Park Redevelopment Project Advisory Committee

Built in 1964, Orchard Park served as apartment-style housing for students with families until 2015 when the facility was closed to prepare for redevelopment. In June 2015, the Student Family Housing Redevelopment Committee considered the future of student family housing at UC Davis and issued a report recommending principles related to future student family housing. The Orchard Park Redevelopment Status Report issued March 2, 2016 recommended redevelopment of the existing Orchard Park. 

Vice Chancellor Adela de la Torre and Vice Provost and Dean Prasant Mohapatra  co-chair the Orchard Park Redevelopment Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and Executive Director Mary Hayakawa from Real Estate Services will facilitate the process for identifying the developer partner for the project. Consultation and inclusion of graduate students is part of the project planning, consistent with the leadership-endorsed recommendations of the Student Family Housing Redevelopment Committee. The PAC also consults with the broader campus community and other campus units to ensure proper coordination throughout the planning process.